LiefWellness Healthy Women

From adolescence to early adulthood, child bearing to old age, women goes through various hormonal changes. The nutrition requirement of women is special and different from that of men. Women need balanced foods and foods rich in Vitamins, Iron, Calcium and nutrients to keep them active all along.

Nutrition is the basis of good health and optimal energy. Menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding & menopause are times of increased nutritional demand. But practically, low intakes of dietary iron & calcium are common in women.

Each Nutrient & Vitamin performs a specific function in the body, and no single food contains all the vitamins needed.

When enough of a particular vitamin needed is lacking, Women run the risk of serious health problems.

Is scientifically planned portion of Iron, Calcium and other important Vitamins and minerals helpful for every women made on plant Protein Base.